Complete Eye Check up

A basic eye exam usually begins with the eye care provider taking a medical history and asking questions about the patient’s general health and past and current eye problems. Routine eye check up generally includes testing for visual acuity, refraction, binocular vision, colour vision, intraoccular pressure(Tonometry) and dilated examination on Slit Lamp.

After the routine eye check up by our Eye Doctors specialized tests are advised if they are needed. We have facility for all diagnostic specialized eye tests including:

·      Gonioscopy – Testing the angle depth

·      Pachymetry – Measuring your corneal thickness

·      Visual field charting (Perimetry or HVF)

·      OCT – Optical Coherence Tomography

·      Fundus photograph

·      Biometry (A Scan)

·      Ultrasound B scan

·      Syringing (to test your lacrimal passages)