Glaucoma or Kala motia is a sight threatening disease in which there is damage to the optic nerve caused by increased pressure within the eye. It is a serious condition that must not be ignored, early diagnosis and regular treatment is the key to saving your sight.


Glaucoma can be suspected on routine eye examination after Visual Acuity Test, Non Contact Tonometry(to measure IOP) and a dilated eye examination on Slit lamp

If Glaucoma is suspected then other specialized tests for glaucoma are done like Perimetry or Visual Field Charting, Fundus Photograph and Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT).


Unfortunately vision loss due to glaucoma is permanent and cannot be restored. However, we can prevent or slow down further damage by controlling eye pressure. Eye Drops or combination of drops and pills are the first choice of treatment to reduce the eye pressure. They must be used regularly as per the doctors advice and should never be discontinued on one’s own. Sometimes Laser treatment is also used to control acute narrow angle glaucoma.

But, if glaucoma progresses despite these measures, then you may be advised Trabeculectomy- a microsurgical glaucoma surgery in which a tiny opening is made in the sclera to permanently drain the fluid. However, this opening has a tendency to close over time. Hence some anti scarring injections like Mitomycin C & 5 Fluorouracil are used. In advanced cases or where initial surgery has failed, Tube/ Shunt surgery  like AGV is done.

We at Apex Eye Care offer all facilities for Glaucoma diagnosis and treatment. Dr Rajat Maheshwari has been specially trained in this field and is one of the best surgeons in the region for managing complicated glaucomas and performing advanced glaucoma surgeries like Phaco-Trabeculectomy and AGV