Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

Pregnancy loss is an important reproductive health issue, affecting 2%–5% of couples. Common established causes include uterine anomalies, antiphospholipid syndrome, hormonal and metabolic disorders, and cytogenetic abnormalities. Other etiologies have been proposed but are still considered controversial, such as chronic endometritis, inherited thrombophilias, luteal phase deficiency, and high sperm DNA fragmentation levels.

Over the years, evidence-based treatments such as surgical correction of uterine anomalies or aspirin and heparin for antiphospholipid syndrome have improved the outcomes for couples with recurrent pregnancy loss. However, almost half of the cases remain unexplained and are empirically treated using progesterone supplementation, anticoagulation, and/or immunomodulatory treatments. Regardless of the cause, the long-term prognosis of couples with recurrent pregnancy loss is good, and most eventually achieve a healthy live birth.

Treatment depends on the reports on the investigations. If no cause is found (i.e. all reports are normal) then all you need is TLC – Tender Loving Care and a warm, relaxed environment at home to take care of future pregnancies. Believe us, in many cases that is the best thing. But if one of the reports is abnormal, we need to treat you accordingly.

We, at Apex IVF, excel in dealing with such difficult cases with compassion and patience that you deserve. Armed with latest technologies we can offer you a scientific, systematic approach with Hope, Care and Compassion