Oculoplasty is a specialized area of ophthalmology that focuses on the eyelids and the structures surrounding the eye, including problems of the lacrimal (tear) system and the orbit (the region surrounding the eyeball). It includes the surgical management of conditions like-

Coloboma- Gap in the eyelid

Shrunken Eyelids

Ptosis– Drooping Eyelids

NLD Block – Blocked tear drainage passages leading to watering and infection in a new-born.

Entropion– in turning of eyelids

Ectropion– Out turning of eyelids

Trichiais– Rubbing of eye lashes on the eye

Blocked tear drainage passages.

Traumatic (Injury)This covers damage to the eyelids, tear drainage passages, loss of eyelid tissue, scar formation, loss of eyeball to name a few.

Cosmetic-These include, loose folds of lid skin, baggy eyelids, moles / nevi causing blemish, scars, artificial eyes, cosmetic shells.

Our oculoplasty specialist is especially trained in the surgical management of these conditions.